I remember that evening, March 13, 2021, I found myself in the warm embrace of my soft sofa while reading tweets from my timeline. My attention was drawn to a particular tweet from Ogbeni Dipo, a popular twitter influencer, on Zuri/I4G (Ingressive for good) software development training and without batting an eye, I signed up immediately.

The first week of the training was the orientation week where we were introduced to different tracks and languages to be taken during the course of the training. I must say, I secretly wish the week didn’t grind to a halt, each day of the orientation week is something to look forward to as mentors from each track gave an insight to what to expect from the training through a well delivered PowerPoint presentation. I look forward having a great time in the next phase of the training.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take this time to thank Zuri and I4g for organising this learning opportunity for me to hone my skills in software development.

Thank you.